7.2 - Policy on Employment of Members of the Same Family

The Institute's policy is to base appointments and promotions on qualifications and work performance. In keeping with this policy, members of the same family, including husband and wife, may be eligible for employment within the same department or area of the Institute. When members of the same family are recommended to work for the same supervisor, written approval of the arrangement by the appropriate senior officer will be required in advance. In such cases, however, a supervisor-employee relationship shall not prevail at the time of employment or thereafter, nor shall one member of the family relationship assume for the other the role of advocate or judge with respect to conditions of employment, salary, or promotion.

It should be clear that the reasons underlying such a restriction on employment, defined as applying to members of the same family, should apply with equal validity to those whose living arrangements approximate family relationships.

While general responsibility for assuring adherence to these policies must rest with those responsible for appointments and assignments (principally academic and administrative department heads and laboratory and center directors), a particular responsibility for sensitivity to the potential conflicts falls on those whose family or personal relationships may give rise to them.

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