6.2 - Support Staff Appointments

Support staff appointments encompass, but are not limited to, positions involving clerical duties as well as positions that support the Institute's data processing operations, the library and accounting functions, and some specialized research positions. While support staff positions may entail diverse and complex responsibilities, these positions are not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, and support staff are therefore entitled to overtime pay. Such positions are classified in five levels, with appropriate salary ranges, and have titles descriptive of the duties of the position.

Requests to fill support staff positions follow the approval process determined by the department. Support staff positions are generally posted on the MIT website. These appointments are typically indefinite and without specified term. The first six months of employment is a probationary period (see the MIT Personnel Policy Manual Section 2.6.4). Throughout their employment, supervisors of support staff should provide them with performance feedback, performance reviews, and, where necessary, corrective action (see the MIT Personnel Policy Manual Section 3.3).  Support staff may be laid off for lack of work or funds or for other operational reasons, with notice as provided in Section 7.6 Layoff for Lack of Work or Funds. Policies relating to other terminations of support staff are found in the MIT Personnel Policy Manual Section 6.0.

Terms, conditions, and benefits are in most respects similar to those provided to administrative staff; see the MIT Personnel Policy Manual for more details.

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